I finally got a Smart TV, and I Love It!

For the longest time, I wrestled with the idea of getting a Smart TV. The only mistake I made was waiting so long to get one. Rest assured, the product lives up to its name. The Smart TV will change the way you watch TV, and browse the internet, Forever!

After careful research, the TV I selected was the LG 49 inch, shown right here. And it’s less than $400.
LG Electronics 49LJ5500 49-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

Why I wanted a Smart TV

About 10 years ago, I decided to go paperless. All the important documents I saved were no longer stored in a file folder, inside a desk drawer or file cabinet. My life changed for the better when I learned how to use a scanner and laptop. The result was, no more clutter. When I needed to retrieve a document, I knew where it was – Right on my laptop in front of me. This made life a whole lot easier.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Color Duplex Scanner for Mac and PC

Price: $419.99


Brother ADS1000W Compact Color Desktop Scanner with Duplex and Wireless Networking

by Brother Printer
Price: $205.96


Then, about two years later, I decided I no longer needed the clutter of having to go through a bunch of CD’s or DVD’s to listen to music or watch a movie. Consequently, I ripped all of my CD’s and DVD’s to my computer’s hard drive, and backed them up on a 256GB Flash Drive.

SanDisk Cruzer Glide 3.0 256GB USB 3.0

by SanDisk
Price: $51.48


SanDisk Ultra CZ48 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (SDCZ48-256G-U46)

by SanDisk
Price: $59.99


PNY Turbo 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive - P-FD256TBOP-GE

by PNY
Price: $59.99


With technology at an all time high, the computer and blue tooth speakers were far superior to any speakers that were part of an obsolete stereo component system.

Then I started asking, “Is there a way to play DVD files on a TV, and watch my favorite movies on the big screen?” That’s when I got the bug for a Smart TV. I discovered that movies can be played by inserting the flash drive into the TV. But immediately, I found out that there’s a better way to do this.

Advantages of the Smart TV

There are many. Watching TV will never be the same again, once you get a Smart TV.

  • The LG has a device connector. You can connect it to your PC, Smart Phone, Headphones, Blu Ray Player, Game Console, Flash Drive, etc.
  • Once connected to a PC, you can re-capture the computer screen right on your TV. Just play a movie in Windows Media Player on full screen, and it appears on your TV. By the same token, you can do anything on your TV that you can do on your PC.
  • There’s a better way to play a movie from your PC to your TV. In Windows Media Player, drop the movie in the playlist, and cast it to your TV. If both devices are connected to each other, you will enjoy a great movie on your TV.
  • You can also re-capture your Smart Phone screen, and see anything on your phone directly on your TV.
  • The Smart TV can connect to your wi fi and wireless internet connection. Browsing the web will take on a whole new meaning. About 10 years ago, you had to subscribe to a service called Web TV to do this. Not any more.
  • With the Smart TV, you can watch YouTube videos right on the big screen.
  • You can check your emails right on the TV screen.
  • The Smart TV will allow you to subscribe to services like NetFlix, Amazon Streaming Video, Hulu, Vudu and others. This will provide other sources of entertainment, right on your screen.

There are many other great things about the Smart TV. In the short time I’ve had mune, I’ve barely scratched the surface for things it can do.

Disadvantages of the Smart TV

Naturally, there are a few disadvantages. But these are very short lived, I guarantee you. Once you overcome some of these disadvantages, they will no longer exist.

  • Browsing the internet will be very awkward at first. You have to scroll the screen with the remote, and type into a keyboard, which is very time consuming. However, you can connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to your TV. With the LG TV, you only have to plug in the wireless USB receiver, and you’re good to go.
  • Set-up can be a little difficult, especially if you’re unfamiliar with what you’re doing. The instruction manuals don’t explain how to do this very well. I learned a lot from watching videos on YouTube. Once you learn how the Smart TV operates, and how the information flows, it will be a piece of cake.
  • One disadvantage of the LG Smart TV is that it’s not compatible with the Apple iPhone. It’s made to be compatible with an Android phone. I’m not familiar with the compatibility of Sony, Samsung and Vizio, but I’d be surprised if they are different. On your iPhone, you can install the app, LG TV Plus, which turns your iPhone into a remote. I actually installed it, but it did not work very well. It only worked half the time, and when it did, I could only retrieve photos and music from my iPhone. After researching this problem, I discovered that there may be a way to overcome this, but it’s not so easy to do. I’m afraid I’ll have to live with this, because I’m not giving up my iPhone.

The Best Smart TV to buy

Before getting my LG Smart TV, I looked at three different brands. I looked at Sony, LG and Vizio.

I was surprised to find out that Sony and LG were basically on the same level. I’ve always heard that Sony is the Cadillac of TV’s. The Vizio is not up to the standards of the other two. For this reason, I would stay away from Vizio.

I didn’t look at the Samsung Smart TV, and cannot offer an opinion on it. However, the TV that my LG Smart TV replaced was a regular Samsung, and it was a magnificent piece of equipment. I also made inquiries about the Samsung Smart TV, and found out from reliable sources that it is just as good as a Sony or LG.

Samsung Electronics UN32M5300AFXZA Flat 32" LED 1920 x 1080p 5 Series SmartTV 2017Concluding thoughts

If you’ve suddenly gotten the bug about getting a Smart TV after reading this, I’d say, “Do it!” What are you waiting for? If you’re like me, you’ll love it.

The best part is, they’re not expensive. Of course, you can spend close to $2 thousand. But I wouldn’t recommend this. You will be just as happy with one that costs less than $400.

The Smart TV is a smart investment, no pun intended.

More Smart TV’s

Sony XBR49X900E 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

by Sony
Price: $898.00


Samsung UN55MU6500FXZA Curved 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model) Plus Terk Cut-the-Cord HD Digital TV Tuner and Recorder 16GB Hook-Up Bundle

by Samsung
Price: $849.00


Samsung Electronics UN50MU6300 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

by Samsung
Price: Too low to display


Vizio D32F-E1 D-Series 32 Class Full Array LED Smart TV (2017 Model) (Certified Refurbished)

Price: $199.99


LG Electronics 32LJ550B 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

by LG
Price: $229.99


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