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If you shop too much, here are 8 ways to become a recovering shopaholic


1. Block all Shopping Websites

People who shop too much will buy on the spur of the moment. They will receive an email from an online shopping site, see something they think they want, and whip out the plastic. They would have never made a special trip to a store just to buy this product.

If you’re on the mailing lists for several shopping websites, unsubscribe the next time you receive an email from each.

2. Pay for everything with cash

Paying with cash will solve your shopaholic problem in two ways. First, it will limit how much you will buy. When the cash runs out, you can’t buy anything else. Second, you know exactly what you can spend before paying with cash. This will eliminate the worst habit people have, which is, spending money they think they have, but really don’t.

3. Give your credit cards and checkbook to someone you trust

This can get a little nasty. You must make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to stick to your plan before doing this. Let the person know that you don’t want them back under any circumstances. Set a date in the future when you want your credit cards and checkbook returned to you. Make sure this date is far enough into the future to give you time to cure your habit.

4. Put your credit cards in the freezer, literally

Don’t cut your credit cards in half, or run them through a shredder. Put them in the freezer instead. Put your credit card in a water-tight plastic freezer bag, or vacuum seal it with the FoodSaver System. Place the bag in a small food storage container and fill it with water. Stick it in your freezer. Pick a future date when you believe your weak sales resistance will be mastered, one hundred percent. Add an expiration date on the container using this date. When the container has expired, thaw out your credit cards. By then, you will have developed new spending habits, and will not be as anxious to take out the plastic as often as you once were.

This will not completely protect you from purchasing online. But purchasing online won’t be as easy as it was before. Going through the inconvenience of locating your credit card numbers will make this even more effective in curing your addiction.

5. Take up less expensive hobbies

Pick several hobbies to occupy your mind, so you won’t think about buying something. Watch YouTube videos. This costs you nothing. Start jogging and working out. Here’s a good suggestion, but check with your local police department before doing it. Go to the richest section of the city where you live and go dumpster diving. Very wealthy people will buy an expensive piece of jewelry, wear in once and throw it away. Then, sell what you find on Ebay or Craigslist. You will make a few bucks on the side, and it’s all profit.

6. Put your money on a desert island

This is something you can do if your addiction is really bad, and your sales resistance is very weak.

Open another account with a different bank. Use a bank in a location that is inconvenient for you, like the other side of town. You could use a bank in another city and state. This is a little drastic, but if the need arises, do it. Make your deposits by mail. Do not set up online banking for this account, or any other connection over the internet. And by no means should you obtain a debit or check card with this account. Open an account that requires you to visit the branch to make withdrawals. This inconvenience will slow down your additions and within a month, cure you. When you have mastered your addiction, move the money to your old bank account and close this account.

7. Don’t buy the first time you see something

The product is not going anywhere. It will still be there if you really want it. But chances are, you don’t really want it. You’re in love with the idea of shopping, and not with the product. A day later, ask yourself if you really wanted that product. The answer will probably be, NO.

8. Get opinions from other people

During this short period of rehab, don’t spend money when you’re alone. Always have your spouse or best friend with you when you get the desire to buy something. This added spending awareness and extra opinion will remind you of your habit of shopping too much.

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