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Have fun this summer with the Game that’s a Winner

The Organ ATTACK! Game – Best choice for this summer


OrganATTACK! is a fast moving game in which you remove other players’ organs. There can be as many as 4 players. Everyone starts with a set of Organ cards and a hand of 5 Attack cards. The person with the Wild organ goes first. Each player then takes turns playing one card and drawing one card. Each Organ can take two afflictions before it is removed. The basic Affliction cards just affect a single organ or in some cases up to four organs.

There are 9 special cards included:

  • Wild Afflictions which can be used on any organ.
  • Necrosis cards which are wild and count as two afflictions, removing all but the wild organ which takes four afflictions to remove.
  • Metastasis cards are played after playing an affliction card to spread the affliction to another organ of that same player.
  • With Tactical cards you can do various special actions such as steal an organ from another player (Transplant) or put an opponent to sleep for two rounds (Sedate).
  • In response to attack you can use Instant cards, which can be used at any time and have various uses including negating an Affliction card just played.
  • Resistance cards can be used to keep your organs safe for a short time and even block Afflictions just played.
  • The Cure cards heal your organs from afflictions.
  • Poison cards take affect when you draw them, causing you to remove one of your organs.
  • Finally the Bureaucracy cards which cause players to discard cards and allows you to pull a card from the discard.

Organ ATTACK! Game

All of these cards together make a good fast paced game. OrganATTACK! is the perfect length, Any longer, and it would get monotonous. The artwork is great and each organ has its own personality. The various Afflictions are even educational, providing useful information for various diseases.

You’ll love this game. Well-made, with a cute design, this is for anyone who enjoys microgames. This one is a winner.

As you play this game, you’ll get a big kick out of the medical issues you will encounter. And its simple enough that everyone enjoys it. This is very easy to learn, and a whole lot of fun.

How often do you get to say things like, “I’m sorry, but I’m going to give you a heart condition” or “you just got stones in your kidneys”? While this game is all in fun, and will make you laugh and tease, it also helps you explain serious illnesses like cancer, organ failure, or diabetes. Even the people in health care love this game.

Packaging for the Organ ATTACK! Game

It’s very lightweight. You could easily fit all the cards into a zip-lock bag when you take it on a trip. The entire packaging is no more than a few ounces.

The Organ ATTACK! Game is a rarity among elimination games. It is one that you will truly enjoy. So have fun this summer. Hang out with your friends and share someone with them that’s very unique.

Organ ATTACK! Game
Organ ATTACK! Game
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