Mother will live on, thanks to the “Tree Doll” & the great lady she was

mother-tree-dollMother’s Image will live forever

Since we originally created ShopGlad, I have never taken the opportunity to formally introduce myself. I am Charlie, the owner of

I am personally introducing myself at this time because I have a heart-warming story for you. This is something that will make a sad Holiday Season a little better. I hope this will get you into the Christmas Spirit.

This has been a very sad year for my little Sister Sarah and myself. On July 3rd of this year, our Mother passed away at the age of 82. For me, this was the third major tragedy I’ve experienced in my life. My wife of almost 20 years passed away on July 9, 2010, from lung cancer. She and my mother were as close as two people can be. My beautiful wife, Karen, was more like a daughter to her than a daughter-in-law.

Ironically, my Grandfather, who was my mother’s Father and my very best friend passed away on July 27, 1984.

I must say, July is a very good month in heaven. It was during this month that three angels earned their wings. While July is a good month in heaven, it is not so good down here, at least, for our family.


By the way, the day I created this image was the day my Mother passed. I was so distraught that I put the wrong year for my wife’s death. She passed on July 9, 2010.

“Tree Doll” will keep my Mother alive forever

My Mother’s name is Theresa. Everyone called her Tree. Thus, we have the Tree Doll.

Since my Mother’s passing, I’ve gone to see Sarah almost every day. She has had a difficult time dealing with this. During the last 10 years of our Mother’s life, Sarah and I waited on her hand and foot. We didn’t really need to because she was capable of taking care of herself. But the fact is, we wanted to. For both of us, it was a pleasure to do things for this precious lady. Sometimes, she would say, “Charlie, you do way too much for me.” I’d just respond by saying, “Well, you brought all of this on yourself. You shouldn’t have been such a wonderful Mother.” That she was!

Our mother wasn’t seriously ill, or anything like that. She had various ailments, but nothing really life threatening. She was on dialysis, but we had it under control. The only serious ailment she ever had was colon cancer, about 3 years before she passed. A simple surgery took care of that. She didn’t just beat cancer. She shattered it. But at the end, the dialysis took its toll on her heart, and on the day she passed, she was just worn out.

Losing our Mother at the age of 82 was dis-heartening. But it wouldn’t have mattered if she were 102. it would have been just as bad. It’s so very hard to give up someone you love so much.

How I learned about the “Tree Doll”

I was at Sarah’s house a few days ago, and for some reason, she decided to tell me about the “Tree Doll”. My response was, “Do What?”

She said that she had a doll specially made, about two years ago, that would resemble our Mother, Tree. All she did was give the doll maker a picture of Tree, and told him that she always wore a moo moo dress and puffy house shoes around the house.

The result is what you see in the picture above. Placed in front of a picture of my Mother, you can see that the Tree Doll looks exactly like her. When I saw this, I said to Sarah, “This is incredible!” I asked Sarah if it would be OK to post it on Facebook, and she said, “Of course you can!” Many of my Facebook friends knew my Mother and loved her. But that’s nothing unusual. Everyone who knew her loved her.

Concluding thoughts

Christmas is not going to be the normal Christmas for our family. We have lost something very sacred to us. However, when my wife passed 7 years ago, I learned something.

When you think something is going to be bad, it usually doesn’t turn out as bad as you think it will. I dreaded the first Christmas without my wife, just like I dread the first Christmas without my mother. But you’re not going to believe this. On the first Christmas after my wife died, it snowed, and the ground was completely covered with white. Here in the South, I’ve never seen a White Christmas, and it turned out to be something really special. We haven’t had a White Christmas since.

Ironically, the movie, White Christmas, with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye was one of my Mother’s favorite Holiday movies.

I have a feeling that we’re going to have another White Christmas this year. My Mother may have passed on, but she is still here, I guarantee it. If at all possible, she will make sure we have a White Christmas.

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