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If Knickers came back in style, would you wear them?

nickersWhen I was a senior in high school, my old Government and Economics teacher said that a man should never get rid of his old suits, especially if there is still a lot of wear in them. Sooner or later, they will come back in style again.

Whoever thought pleated pants would come back in style? Well they did. They’ve come back, gone, come back again and gone again.

What about Knickers? Personally, I like them, and I’d like to wear a pair of Knickers. Unlike pleated pants however, knickers will make you stand out in the crowd. This may be a little more than what most people have in mind.

If someone said this to the late, great golfer, Payne Stewart, he obviously didn’t listen. All I can say is, if a professional golfer was determined to wear knickers, then he’d better be a great golfer. Payne Stewart was definitely that.


What could make Knickers come back in style?

As great a golfer as Payne Stewart was, he did not have the marketability that guys like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and LeBron James have. With marketability comes influence. This is what determines whether something is coming back in style. Tiger may have lost his edge on the golf course, but fans still go to golf tournaments to see him. When Tiger was at his best, just imagine what would have happened if he had shown up at a final round of the US Open wearing a red Nike shirt and black knickers.

I’ll tell you exactly what would have happened. Within a week, you would have seen knickers in every clothing store. Then’ you’d see almost every golfer wearing them. I wish Tiger had done this. I’d love for knickers to come back in style. I’d wear them, and not even think about it. So would thousands of other men.

So Ladies, here’s a head start for your Christmas shopping. How would you like to give your husbands a pair of knickers?


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