Don’t let Black Friday & Cyber Monday intimidate you – Everyday’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday here

black-fridayHow the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Buzz can get us hooked

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the air right now. There will still be a ton of tempting sales and deals coming at you for various products and services as you check your inbox and surf the web. Just this morning, before 7 AM, I received 40 emails about Black Friday Deals, and I’ll probably get hundreds more between now and Christmas.

Last year, I was completely overwhelmed from what I call the BNBS SyndromeBuy Now or Be Sorry!. I completely went overboard buying stuff that I still have, but never use. The Black Friday & Cyber Monday Buzz will do that to you. Somehow we all may have gotten the idea that these deals won’t last forever. This definitely plays a role in the buying decisions we make.

Make the right buying decisions – A simple trick

I’m not going to suggest what you should and shouldn’t be buying – that’s your preference. However, here’s a very simple trick that has already saved me a lot of money this year.

Before clicking that “buy now” button, I ask myself a simple question:

“If I buy this today, will I thank myself tomorrow?”

Usually, you wouldn’t just thank yourself for any purchase. By taking this approach, you are giving yourself time to think about it. If you still want it a few days later, chances are it will still be there.

That’s all there is to it!

Black Friday Sales are a dime a dozen

We also place ourselves in a big hurry to buy, because we think this is a once in a lifetime deal, and we’d better take advantage of it before losing out. Don’t let this fool you. Black Friday deals go on all year round. They just don’t call them Black Friday deals. Can you imagine a 4th of July Sale being referred to as a Black Friday Sale? The sale is basically the same, but the name is different. Smart Business? Definitely!

Good deals, and good prices are a year-round thing. Here, at ShopGlad, we like to think that everyday is Black Friday & Cyer Monday.

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