I have too much money. What are the best ways to spend money?

You’re not going to believe this. Yesterday, we received an email from a visitor who asked that we share it with you. By the way, yesterday was Good Friday, which made the email all the more special.

Email from a ShopGlad visitor who wanted to know the best ways to spend money

Here’s the actual email:

best ways to spend moneyHello,

I have a problem. I love to spend money. The problem is, I’m running out of things to buy, and I’m getting bored.

Over the last year, I bought a 14 karat gold watch for $7,000, a brand new BMW 328i xDrive for $44,000, a $5,000 gaming computer, a play station 4, and an Xbox one. I have over 800 games, most which I never play.

I don’t know what else to spend my money on. I live in an apartment, because I feel I have no family. I never see my parents anymore. I was thinking about buying a mansion. but I changed my mind because it will be too big for one person. I donate a little bit, maybe a few times a year. but not much. I am a huge money saver. I always was. I have no idea what to buy next. It seems like the thrill is gone, but I can’t help the way I feel. What should I buy next?

What are some best ways to spend money, when you don’t know what to buy?

Response from ShopGlad on the best ways to spend money

Here’s the response from ShopGlad:

best ways to spend moneyHi XXXX,

What I’m about to tell you is not meant to be sarcastic. You have a problem and it needs to go away.

The next thing you should buy is some time – with a psychiatrist. A professional might help you get to the bottom of what’s causing this problem. They charge about $750 for the initial consultation, plus $150 per hour. You will pay the psychiatrist much less than you would spend over the next few months. He may help you. I can promise you this, if you don’t get professional help, you won’t solve this problem. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, But let me offer a disclaimer. I’m not a psychiatrist, but I do have some friends who are established in the field.

I have another suggestion, and one that I can offer without being a qualified psychologist. It’s very appropriate that you shared your problem on this, the holiest week of the year. If you want to know the best ways to spend money when it’s burning in your pocket, perhaps it’s time to start doing a little giving. I don’t have to remind you what day this is. On this day, a Man gave His Entire Self to every human being who was born into the world. Follow His example.

When in doubt, the best ways to spend money are to help other people.

Here’s what I suggest. Give some of your money to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I can’t speak for you, but helping those kids make me feel much better than any material possession, such as a $7,000 gold watch.

I have a better idea. Don’t mail them a check. Drive to Memphis and hand deliver it in person. After they accept the check, your work is done, until the next time. And if it makes you feel the same way I feel, there will be a next time. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Don’t accept any gratification from anyone. The only gratification you should feel is the good feeling you will have for yourself from within. If someone wants to thank you, humbly say, “You’re welcome” and forget it.

While you’re there, try to see some of those children who are struggling for their lives. You’ll see very quickly that those TV advertisements are real, in every way. You won’t believe the change that will come to your life.

A psychiatrist couldn’t give you better advice than what you’ve just received. Once you start thinking about helping others less fortunate, you’ll never again ask the question, “What should I buy next?” Your desire for material things may go away. I can’t say that your obsession for spending money will end, but if you spend it for the right reasons, and you realize it, you may find peace within yourself. Who knows? This may bring you closer to your parents.

The best ways to spend money are to help other people. There are many other charitable organizations, but St. Jude is my favorite. Finally, if you’re looking for some great gift ideas, there is no better gift than what you can do to help those children.

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