Why we give each other Christmas Gifts – THIS IS POWERFUL

Christmas-Gifts2017 has not exactly been a banner year for me.

I lost my 2 girls. The first was on February 7, and second, March 7. Ironically, both dates were on a Tuesday.

I had another tragedy on July 3, which was on a Monday. We lost our precious Mother.

7 years ago, I lost my wife to lung cancer. I was devastated. When I experienced the tragedies during this year, I was hurt, and very bad. However, I had a different feeling this time than I had when I lost my wife.

The Christmas Spirit – Someone to comfort us when things are bad

I started to think about the situation. Here’s what I came up with.

I’d like to think that my Wife, Mother and Two Girls are in heaven, and waiting for us to join them one day. This kind of takes away the fear of death, and the hope for eternal life. Isn’t this exactly what the Child, who Christmas is all about,, did for each of us?

The First Christmas – All humankind was born again

Ever since that First Christmas, which took place almost 2,018 years ago, every human being on this earth has carried the mark of this Child.

This Child was brought into this world for 4 reasons:

  • First, to show us the way we are all supposed to live,
  • Second, to remind us that we will all eventually die,
  • Third, to assure us that death is NOTHING TO FEAR,
  • And finally, to give us hope that there is something else out there where there will be no more death, no more pain and no more suffering.

This Child never asked any of us to do anything He didn’t do. He also motivated us by reassuring us that we are capable of doing the things He did do.

My Wife, Mother and Two Girls did exactly what this Child was sent into this world to do. How is that so? Because the Spirit of this Child is living within them, in their Hearts. His Spirit is living in every human being.

The First Christmas was the birthday of a Very Special Child. This Child gave us a new life, and a reason to live. It was the day we were truly born.

Christmas is the birthday of everyone, because the Child born on this day lives in everyone. That’s why we give each other Christmas Gifts.


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