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A “Rolex is a Rolex”. There are 10 reasons they’re the best.


Rolex is the “Rolls Royce” of watches. It is like no other watch in the world. In fact, the Company responsible for that brilliant workmanship is like no other Company. You can’t understand this unless you visit the four manufacture locations in Switzerland and experience first-hand how they make their famous watches.

Rolex is city to itself, and one that is respected, admired and known all over the world. I often think that the Company is more than a watch maker. It’s a way of life. But they just makes watches that are far superior to anything else. Even their Certified Pre-owned watches are better than any other watch brand. A “Rolex is a Rolex”. But what is it that makes them thousands of times better than the second best watch?

10 Reasons Rolex is the Best Watch on the Planet

  • They use the most expensive steel, and the most difficult to work with. Why? Because it looks the best. Not all stainless steel is the same. The use only the best.
  • They have their own labs. They have their own facilities for texting, research and development, stress testing, and the design of new watches.
  • Every movement in a watch is assembled by hand. There is no mass-production on an assembly line. Everything is made to precision and perfection.
  • They have their own in house foundry. The gold is made on site. It’s the only watch maker that does this.
  • They make the best use of technology. If machines can do something better, they let the machine do it. For tedious tasks, there are robots on site to assist with the human operation.
  • Security is highly advanced at the Company. Their manufacturing facilities are more secure than Ft. Knox. The gold used in the watches, valued in excess of several million dollars, is kept in safe. To enter, one must go through a series of security checks.
  • The Diver watches are tested in pressurized water tanks, to a depth of up to 12 thousand meters.
  • There is a ton of jewelers and gemologists on the payroll. Every precious stone is tested by the best gemologists in the world to insure nothing is a fake.
  • It takes a year to make a Rolex. It takes 3 years to make a Steinway piano. Need I say more?
  • The Company is independent. Everything is made in house. This is why every spec of a watch is the best.

You can buy a Rolex right here. Remember, a Certified pre-owned Rolex is better than any other brand. These won’t be around very long, especially at these prices.

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